BISSELL Cordless Car Hand Vacuum,

  • Powerful suction with specially designed car detailing tools
  • Removable 22V lithium ion battery for optimal performance and convenience
  • Motorized turbo brush powerfully cleans car seats and mats
  • 2 foot long extension hose with dusting brush extends cleaning reach to capture messes in hard to reach areas
  • Crevice tool focuses suction to get clean in tight spaces
  • Bright led lights illuminate dark areas of your car to help you clean

Designed for powerful and versatile car cleaning, the multi auto has all the tools to get the job done. A 22V lithium ion battery and powerful suction clean dirt from you car seats, mats, dash and all the other places messes collect in your car. With a suite of tools specially designed tools, this hand vac has all the tools to do the job. The motorized brush powerfully cleans car seats and mats while the crevice tool focuses suction to get clean in tight spaces. Clean hard to reach areas with a 2 foot hose with dusting brush and LED lights to help illuminate the dark areas of your car.

Lithium Ion Power

Removable 22V battery for powerful and convenient cleaning.

LED Lights

Illuminate messes under seats, between seats and in your trunk with bright LED lights.

On-Board Storage

Dusting brush, extension hose and crevice tool all store on-board to keep convenient cleaning at your fingertips.

Motorized Turbo Brush

Power through messes with a motorized turbo brush.

Extension Hose

Clean messes in hard to reach and awkward spaces with built in extension hose.

Integrated Dusting Brush

Clean dust and dirt from your dashboard and other hard surfaces with integrated dusting brush.

Crevice Tool

Focus suction to clean in tight spaces with crevice tool.


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