Holife Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair Car Cleaning

  • Worry-free Warranty. ♥♥ 18 Months + 18 Months Extended Warranty & 45 Days Money Back ♥♥ . Feedback and Resolution Within 24 Hours for Any Inquiries and Complaints.
  • The 8KPA cyclonic suction technology of the Hollie cordless handheld vacuum provides deeper, more powerful, and more consistent cleaning capabilities and produces a vacuum powerful enough to suck dust, dirt, and microscopic debris out of almost any surface!
  • The new and improved motor that makes up the “heartbeat” of the Hollie handheld vacuum has been engineered to produce the cyclonic vacuum pull that allows this set up to clean so deeply and so consistently, but it’s also far more efficient and more durable than the most other handheld vacuum on the market today.

Have You Ever Got Frustrated During Your Daily Cleaning? Holife Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Is a Meticulous Helper with Uncompromising Quality and High-performance Suction to Maximize Efficiency and Effectiveness.

What is the Role of the Ergonomic Handle?

The uniquely ergonomic handle featured with fingertip button, allowing you to control power effortlessly, and the cordless vacuum cleaner with the best holding angle can easily control the operation direction.

How to Prevent the Dust Canister Debris Overflowing?

0.6L translucent dust canister easy to disassemble and wash, allowing you to know how much pet hair or dust vacuumed, and MAX line visually notifying you that it’s time to empty it out. Please clean the dust container when you complete using.

Does it Pick up Liquid Spills?

Whether kids dripping milk on kitchen floor, or poodle leaves curly hairs within sofa or carpet at home, the Holife hand held vacuum cleaner can easily clean dust, crumbs, pet hair, as well as liquids.

8KPA Powerful Cyclone Suction

8Kpa powerful suction captures maximum debris, it can also clear those hard-to-reach unseen dust motes, as small as 0.3 microns, hidden deeply in sofas and mattresses.

Easy to Cleaner

  • Press the release button to remove the container and take out the filter.
  • Empty the container.
  • Clean the washable filter.
  • Dry the container and filter before next time use.

Fast Charging

HOLIFE rechargeable hand vacuum fully charge its battery in 4-5 hours. Meantime, the temperature protection, input voltage protection, input current protection, and short circuit protection better ensure equipment safety throughout the charging process.



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